Chapel of Ease revisit

26th November 2013
If you are not familiar with the low country area in and around Beaufort South Carolina, then there is a site well worth your time as a side trip. I encourage you to take a couple hours and seek out the ruins of The Chapel of Ease. Located near Beaufort in the tiny village known as Frogmore South Carolina on St. Helena Island. (Not sure if this is where Frogmore Stew originates from). We stumbled upon The Chapel of Ease by accident when heading down to Harbor Island and Hunting Island to do a day of shooting the beaches and the light house. When you consider the location, the number of storms this area has had is some 400 years it is amazing that the ruins of the chapel are this well preserved considering they date back to 1740. This Anglican Chapel was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1988. Oddly, the site is wide open just sitting on the side of the road with no gate, no guard, and no cost to walk the grounds or go through the remains of the building. Take your camera along as it is well worth taking a few shots to remember it by. I have posted two shots below. It is the same capture, one is black and white, while the other has been processed using HDR software. After you have a chance to study both photos, drop me a line and let me know which one you prefer.